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Pizza oven

Outdoor Coastal Kitchens can help you build your alfresco living dream with a quality pizza oven. Do you dream of cooking delicious pizzas or juicy Sunday roasts? A pizza oven is a great addition to your outdoor kitchen and entertaining space.

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Zesti Australian made Stainless Steel Pizza Ovens

Zesti Wood Fired Pizza Ovens – As seen on MasterChef

The trademark of the Zesti range and most popular seller by far is their stunning Z1100 Woodfired pizza oven. These stunning ovens are 100% Australian made from high quality refractory and insulating materials. The stainless steel arch and alloy capping system makes the Z1100 Woodfired oven look great as well as:

  • Being non-porous making it easy to clean any soot or cooking fats
  • Protecting the interior from external moisture meaning fast lighting
  • Eliminating the chance of cracking like older style woodfired ovens
  • The exterior dome colour can be customised to suit your decor
  • The Z1100 Wood Fired Oven can be moved and re-installed if you decide to move or renovate

The internal refractory dome on the Z1100 woodfired oven is cast in one piece making it strong and easy to install. The high quality materials used in these Zesti woodfired ovens are food safe and are designed for a quick heat up of approx. 45 mins.

The quality thermal insulators used in both the dome and the brick base of these ovens mean heat is trapped in the oven allowing for 8 hours cooking from a single light.

The Zesti Z1100 woodfired oven is perfect for cooking much more than pizza. Cook anything from roasts to casseroles & curries, seafood to breads and cakes. You can even use a long handled pan directly on the floor for frying or cooking steaks.

All Zesti woodfired ovens come with a roasting door, stainless steel flue, your choice of dome colour and lighting/cooking instructions. Purchase the Z1100 on its own or on a fully finished cabinet base or trolley.

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